A Mover is a RADi-special component which can be added to a JPanel or a JToolBar contained in a JLayeredPane or JDesktopPane exclusively.

Doing this adds the following capabilities to the mover's container:
The container can be moved inside the null-layout container (just like an internal frame).
The container can be docked with each side of the null-layout container.
The container can be iconified.
Example 22  Mover
A mover supports the following properties:
dockingDistance The sensivity of the docking behaviour. If you move a moveable container to one side of its null-layout container and the distance to the border becomes less than dockingDistance, the container will dock with the side. The default dockingDistance is 10 pixels.
iconifiable Whether the moveable container is iconifiable or not. The default is true.
margin The margin around the Mover. The default is Insets(1,1,1,1).
moveToFront If true, the moveable container will become the frontmost component when the mover is clicked (in front even of internal frames). The default is true.
orientation Either VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL. The default is VERTICAL.
paintGrip If true, the grip will be painted. The default is true.
Mover properties
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