Checking resources
  Missing resources

Resources are images (.gif, .jpg, .png) or documents (.html, .rtf, .txt) referenced with the page property of JEditorPane.

Whenever you reference an image or document, you specify its location (most often you do this by loading the resource through a file dialog). RADi needs a way to reference a resource relative to the project location, so that the reference will stay valid when the project is moved.
The one location RADi knows of and will always search for resources is the project's resources directory.
So, whenever you see the 'Portability Issue' dialog, you should choose [Copy].

Checking resources     Top of page

From the context menu of the currently active project, you can execute 'Check Resources'.
This command searches for non-relative references, for non-existing references and also for unreferenced files in the resources directory. As the result you will either see a "No problems found." message or the 'Check Resources' dialog opens:
Non-existent resources are shown in red.
[Copy] copies selected resources to the current project's 'resources' directory.
[Delete] irrevocably deletes the specified files.
Note: RADi only knows about its own resources, so, if a resource is marked as unused, it might easily be used by other code. Icons and URLs specified as default values when extending an R-Bean's public interface are not considered when checking resources.

Missing resources     Top of page

At startup or when a layout is displayed the first time, RADi may encounter references to non-existing resources. Then you will see the 'Missing Resources' dialog, telling you which resources are missing and which references are invalid.
You will have to inspect the components in question.
For missing images you will see this icon.
Missing custom Beans will mutate to labels:
For text panes whose "page" URL can not be resolved, you will see this placeholder:
Note: If the missing resource is a custom Bean, you probably moved or deleted or renamed the JAR file from which the Bean was imported.