Create the example IDE project

If you start a new programming project, first create the IDE project.

The tutorial example project looks like this:
The project's name is MyProject and it resides at D:/MyIDE/workspace.
Source files shall go to the source directory, class files shall go to the classes directory.
Note: Creating different directories for source and class files is not required by RADi, choose the project layout you are used to.

Adjust the project's class path to include radirt.jar

All RADi-generated classes need to access the RADi runtime library (radirt.jar).

To include the runtime library in the project's class path, you have two options:
Copy radirt.jar to the lib/ext directory of your JSDK, or
Copy radirt.jar to the MyProject directory and add it to the classpath for this project.
Note: RADi saves layout definition files always to the project directory. Make sure that the project directory itself (D:/MyIDE/workspace/MyProject in our example) is in the classpath, too.

See also: The runtime library