Run the application

From your IDE run the TestFrame class as a Java application.
(The compiler knows that depends on, so it will compile both classes.)
JFrame plus dialog

You can also run the (compiled) TestFrame class from the command line.
Open a shell, cd to the MyProject directory and execute:
java -cp .;classes;radirt.jar
(On Linux, replace the Windows path separator ' ; ' with ' : ' )

Provoke an error

Try this: Go to method protected void showDialog() in class TestFrame and change the method name. Then re-compile the class and run the application. Everything seems to be OK until you press the button, this results in a warning message:
Press [Continue] - the application will still run stable.

Don't forget to undo the change you made to provoke the error.


Your compiler complains that it cannot resolve the import statement 'de.muntjak.radiloader.RadiLoader'.
This means, that radirt.jar could not be found in the class path. See Adjust the project's class path to include radirt.jar.
See also: RadiLoader error messages