Create a simple layout for a frame

Now we will create a (very simple) layout to be displayed as a frame.
The new project you created in step 2 already contains a layout, rename it to 'Test Frame' either by selecting it in the project view and pressing <F2> or by selecting 'Rename...' from the layout's context menu.
RADi project view Layout context menu

The layout consists of the default design grid with 3 rows and 3 columns and an overall size of 240 x 180 pixels.
The 3x3 default grid JButton placed in cell [1, 1]

To place the JButton in the grid cell
drag the 'JButton' icon from the components palette to cell [1, 1] of the design grid.
Components palette

Add an icon to the button

We will now add an icon to the previously created button:
Select the button by clicking its grid cell.
Select 'View | Show Properties - Events' or press <F8> to display the 'Properties - Events' panel.
In the table row starting with 'icon', click the second ('<none>') cell, then click the [...] button.
In the file chooser browse to the RADi/Tutorial/icons directory and open testicon.gif.
The 'Portability Issue' dialog will show up:
Click [Copy].
A resources directory was created inside the MyProject directory. It is important, that all resources for a project go there.
The current 'MyProject' content JButton with icon

To view the layout as it will appear in a frame, click the 'Show Test Frame' button in the RADi toolbar or press <F11>.
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