Export the layout

Exporting a layout means, that RADi generates a Java source code file with the necessary import declarations, member declarations, constructors and so on.

Select 'Layout | Export Layout Class' or click the 'Export Layout Class' button in the RADi toolbar.
Confirm the following dialog to save the layout, then the 'Export Layout Classes' dialog shows up.
Enter a package name. (Not required by RADi, but since Java 1.4 the default package is discouraged.)
Fill in a class name.
Select 'Extends javax.swing.JFrame'. By clicking 'Settings...' you can adjust some frame properties, don't change the location icon (the frame will appear at the upper third of the screen, horizontally centered).
Press [Export].

You will find some new content in the project's source directory: com/bar/foo/test/TestFrame.java
See also: Exporting layout classes