Run the application

Make your IDE do a refresh. You should get something similar to this:
Screenshot: Eclipse

From your IDE, run as a Java application.
The resulting JFrame

You can also run the (compiled) TestFrame class from the command line.
Open a shell, cd to the MyProject directory and execute:
java -cp .;classes;radirt.jar
(On Linux, replace the Windows path separator ' ; ' with ' : ' )

Provoke some errors

Try this: Rename 'testIcon.gif' (inside the resources directory) and run the application again.
The frame shows up but the button has no icon. At the console window you will see the following error message:
RADi runtime: Missing Icon: resources/testicon.gif

Now rename the layout definition file ('Test Frame.radi' inside the project directory) and see what happens as you run the application. You will see the following error dialog:
If RADi cannot find the layout definition file it prints the current classpath to System.err so you can check it:
Current classpath: D:\MyIDE\workspace\MyProject\classes;D:\MyIDE\workspace\MyProject\radirt.jar;D:\MyIDE\workspace\MyProject

Don't forget to undo the changes you made to provoke the errors.


Your compiler complains that it cannot resolve the import statement 'de.muntjak.radiloader.RadiLoader'.
This means, that radirt.jar could not be found in the class path. See: Adjust the project's class path to include radirt.jar.
See also: RadiLoader error messages