Create a second layout for a dialog

Select 'Files | New Layout' or click the 'New Layout' button in the RADi toolbar.
The 'New Layout' dialog
Enter a layout name of your choice.
Enter a size of 200 x 100 (pixels) in the editable combo box (if you do not, the dialog will exactly cover the frame).
Press [OK].

Populate the layout

In the RADi project view, you will see the new layout which is already selected.
The RADi project view

The layout consists of a design grid with 3 rows and 3 columns and an overall size of 200 x 100 pixels.
JLabel placed in cell [0, 1] JLabel with edited text

Drag the 'JLabel' icon from the components palette to cell [0, 1] of the design grid.
Double-click the label and edit its text.

To view the layout as it will appear in a frame, click the 'Show Test Frame' button in the RADi toolbar or press <F11>.