Export the second layout

Select 'Layout | Export Layout Class' or click the 'Export Layout Class' button in the RADi toolbar.
Confirm the following dialog to save the layout (the layout definition file 'Test Dialog.radi' is written to the 'MyProject' directory), then the 'Export Layout Classes' dialog shows up.
From the Package combo box select the 'com.bar.foo.test' package.
Fill in a class name.
Select 'Extends javax.swing.JDialog'. By clicking 'Settings...' you can adjust some dialog properties, don't change the location icon (the dialog will appear horizontally and vertically centered in the owning frame).
Press [Export].

You will find some new content in the project's source directory: com/bar/foo/test/TestDialog.java.

Make your IDE do a refresh. You should see something similar to this:
Screenshot: Eclipse
See also: Exporting layout classes