TinyLaF 1.4.0  (2009-8-25)
is a (mostly painted) Look and Feel for Java 1.4 and higher.
Maybe you'd like to see some screenshots?
TinyLaF can look somewhat like Windows XP but runs on all platforms supporting Java. With the assistance of the control panel you can define the component's colors, fonts and (partially) behaviour and thus create your own themes.

TinyLaF is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

You can either download the binaries (to create your own themes and plug them into your applications) or you can download the source code (so you can modify TinyLaF).

Download File Size
  TinyLaF Binaries     tinylaf-1_4_0.zip     1,012,667 Bytes  
  TinyLaF Sources     tinylaf-1_4_0_src.zip     411,818 Bytes  

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