Package the application in a JAR file

First create the manifest file. Open a text editor and write:
Class-Path: radirt.jar
Blank line
Main-Class   > Makes this JAR an executable JAR.
Class-Path   > Specifies the relative paths to other JAR files needed.
Blank line   > Required by the jar tool.
Save the manifest file to the MyProject directory and name it 'manifest'.
Open a shell, cd to the MyProject directory and execute:
jar cmf manifest test.jar -C classes com/bar/foo/test *.radi resources
jar   > The jar tool.
cmf   > create  manifest  file (jar options).
manifest   > Name of manifest file.
test.jar   > Name of JAR file to create.
-C classes   > Temporarily change to 'classes' directory (while processing the next argument).
com/bar/foo/test   > Include all files in com/bar/foo/test (these are the class files).
*.radi   > Include all .radi files in the current directory.
resources   > Include the 'resources' directory and its content.

To view the content of the JAR file, execute:
jar tf test.jar
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